Clarence S. Gable

Clarence Gable

Born: ?

Died: ?

Buried: Thought to be buried with his mother in Coopersburg Mennonite

Marriage Date: None

Married to: No spouse

Children: None

Special notes about this person: K. Gable Young writes: "The ... photo is of Clarence Gable son of Elmer. My father Forrest always spoke fondly of Clarence. He said that one day he came home with a fishing tackle box and a rod. He taught my father how to fish and gave him the rod and the tackle box. Clarence was an electronic wiz and actually built the families first tv, the tube was all of about 5" and approximately 30 people piled into the Gable residence to witness the marvel of television. Clarence had to sleep upright in a chair and often experienced a lot of pain, my father remembers him as quiet and kind."